What If the Sex and the City Girls Were Couriers?

My wife has a huge thing for Sex and the City so, when I arrived home from one of my self-employed courier jobs, I wasn’t surprised to see her slumped out in-front of her favourite box set. Watching it with her got me wondering, what if the four thirty-somethings weren’t sophisticated New Yorkers, but rather … Continue reading “What If the Sex and the City Girls Were Couriers?”

My wife has a huge thing for Sex and the City so, when I arrived home from one of my self-employed courier jobs, I wasn’t surprised to see her slumped out in-front of her favourite box set. Watching it with her got me wondering, what if the four thirty-somethings weren’t sophisticated New Yorkers, but rather four down-to-earth couriers holding down self-employed courier jobs in good old Blighty?

The Outfits Would Have To Go

Some of the outfits Carrie wears in Sex and the City are quite outlandish. Huge puffball skirts, origami folded jackets and Dolce and Gabbana dresses are all featured on the hit series. Most of these are far too expensive to wear on self-employed courier jobs and a lot of the dresses wouldn’t even fit in the white vans they’re that big. Who can forget Carrie’s stunning ballerina dress that she wore in the final episode of the series? She wouldn’t have even been able to close the van door, let alone made a delivery wearing that. Plus the lads down the local diner would have teased her relentlessly about her outfit choice, which brings me to my next point….

The Fancy Restaurants Would Be Swapped For Motorway Service Stations

The Sex and the City girls are always meeting for lunch in fancy restaurants and this is something that would definitely change if they were couriers. After a long day carrying out self-employed courier jobs, we don’t want to end up at a restaurant that charges us above the odds for a minuscule meal. There’s nothing like stopping off en-route for filling pub grub and a bacon butty. God knows, some of those girls certainly look like they could do with a half decent meal.

Have you ever seen the Girls Drive?

Apart from when Carrie rents a car to take Samantha and her to San Francisco and almost manages to crash it while getting out of the rental office, have you ever seen any of the girls drive? They travel everywhere by taxi and this just isn’t practical for those delivering packages on self-employed courier jobs. New York cabs are expensive and so for that matter are London taxis. Sometimes I can be driving for hours on one courier job and if I were to forgo the van and bill the client for my taxi fare, the cost would be just astronomical.

High Heels Make Self-Employed Courier Jobs Impossible

We all know the real reason the girls take taxis everywhere….their shoes! If Carrie’s high-heels make walking the streets of the Upper-East side impossible then imagine how she would get by driving in them. A recent study in the UK showed that 11.5 million women are putting their lives, and the lives of others, in danger by wearing inappropriate footwear whilst driving. High heels weren’t designed with driving in mind and as we can’t imagine ever seeing Carrie wearing a pair of flat shoes, this rules her out as a potential courier.

Carrie might not make a great courier, but Miranda and Samantha would both fare well with self-employed courier jobs. Miranda’s brusque and efficient manner would allow her to deliver packages in an organised and timely way. Whilst, somehow we all know that Samantha would get around the quickest.

Is She in the Mood For Sex? A Girl’s Guide to Getting Your Woman Ready For Bed (I Love This!)

Do you know how many men out there are CONSTANTLY asking themselves if she’s in the mood for sex? Women have gotten SUCH a bad rap as being LESS interested in erotic intimacy than our male counterparts that it’s silly. The simple truth is that us girls are JUST as into sex as you are, we just need a little bit MORE encouragement to get there! Read on as we take a closer look!

Filed Under: Forethought is Fantastic

Are you romantic, spontaneous and exciting with your intimate adventures or is EVERYTHING planned out, thought through or simply just “there” for the taking? There is NOTHING that is more of a turn off for a woman than a guy who NEVER puts any THINKING into love making with his girl….as women simply CRAVE some ADVENTURE when it comes to sex….and simply setting the stage ahead of time is ONE easy way to do it!

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Do you think there is a relationship between MOOD and ambiance? Of course there is…and the quickest way to to making sure shes IN the mood is to set the romantic table with lots of atmospheric aphrodisiacs..:-) Sound, light, food, wine and MUCH more are an easy entry way to the erotic…and the FASTEST way I know of to get her in the mood in a hurry. (short of winning the lottery of course..;-) The key is to simply use ATMOSPHERE to build UP anticipation…and allow her mood to elevate WELL into the erotic…without you having to do another thing!

Sex and the City 2 Review

Sex and the City has become an American pastime for many people. There are so many devoted followers of the girls, it is a wonder they have only made 2 movies.

We recently went to see Sex and the City 2 a few weeks ago. I read the reviews before we went to see what others were saying. Most of what I read said the movie was cheesy and they had run out of plot lines, that is why they came up with this story.

It started off with them going to Abu Dabi to visit the country as guests of the president of the country. He liked Samantha and invited her and her friends to come and stay first class the entire time. I think it might have been higher than first class though. They each had their own personal servant to do whatever they chose. The hotel they stayed in was a gorgeous one and the movie made me want to go to Abu Dabi one day to see it.

The girls all had one of their great adventures, as always. The movie overall I have to say was very good. I am not a guy who likes to watch movies that are boring and don’t keep my attention. I liked this one though, just as much as the first one. The girls are just 4 that are meant to do things together. I think they could probably make a movie doing just about anything and it would sell.

If I had to rate the movie, I would give it a 8 out of 10. I recommend that you go see it if you haven’t already. You will for sure like it a lot.